Body Safety: Equipping Teachers to Empower Children

25,000.00 + Taxes

  1. This will be an interactive discussion with the use of slides, activities, and videos. The aim of this session will be create awareness and build skills on how to talk to children about body safety.
  2. Understanding Bodily Autonomy and role of consent
  3. Good touch and bad touch: who decides the nature of touch?
  4. Safe, Unsafe, and Confusing Touch: understanding the experience and determinants
  5. Equipping children with skills when they experience Confusing & Unsafe touch: Providing age-appropriate vocabulary, Identifying Safe Adults, skill of assertion
  6. Equipping teachers with skills to respond when a child has experienced sexual abuse
  7. Understanding Child Sexual Abuse and teachers/institution’s responsibility under POCSO Act, 2012

Duration – 2 Hours

Modality –  Virtual ( Webinar )